Terms and Conditions

We are renowned as one of the finest companion agencies in Amsterdam today. Fresh and authentic, where only the most elite beautiful female escorts and caring courtesans are selected for introduction to our refined international clientele. Premium, educated ladies, available to meet you, special costumer. A unique matchmaking companion agency, we provide a different approach to companionship than the archetypal escort service. With us, you are not just another caller, and we specialize in introducing successful gentlemen to hight-end escorts. We treat every gentleman as if he is our only caller, and tailor each girlfriend introduction to his personal preferences, for dates that sparkle, every time. Our beauties can’t wait to accompany you somewhere luxurious for an exciting dinner date, beautiful vacation, or fascinating event with interesting conversation.

The Escorts:

Probably you’ve asked why our model have their faces blurred?
Almost all the callers and models with whom we deal, have confidentiality issues. Privacy is paramount. Very few of our gentlemen want to meet a woman whose face is all over the internet.
Similarly, the ladies have families, successful careers and futures to consider. They too cannot be seen to be available on a companion website, due to the incorrectly preconceived ideas in social circles.
As such, discretion and privacy are #1 priorities for everyone with whom we have contact. This way everyone feels safe and protected, while maintaining an authentic and honest business relationship. Our company is a very exclusive, sheltered circle of trust. We will always protect you.

Should you wish to see more of the models, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Our choice to protect the models’ identities comes at the preference of the sophisticated and refined caliber of clientele for whom we provide introduction services. Thank you for understanding.
Our models accept cash payment only. This can be done in euro, dollars, pounds. For the best rates we advise you to do the patment in euro. For th other curencies we add 20% conversion costs.
Once the chosen lady arrives at your location, please make sure you hand her the envelop with the agreed amount. Don’t put the ladies in the situation to ask for the payment.

Before the Appointment:

Make sure that before our escort lady(s) arrives you are fresh and clean. All our escort models are having a high level of hygiene and they expect the same from you. They are regularly medicaly tested and they perform sexual activities always safe.
Also before they arrive, please check if your bed sheets are clean and you have fresh towels for you and your escort date.
Be respectful with your chosen escort lady and don’t treat her with disrespect. They are human beeings, not pieces of meat. Make sure that the companion lady has also an pleasant experince, and you will also fully enjoy your time with her. If the escort lady doen’t feel comfortable with your request, please DON’T force her.
All our escort girls have condoms with them, and they practice safe sex. So…always use a condom! That’s the guarranty of your safety and that of our escort ladies.
Don’t practice any kind of unsafe sex with our escort ladies and don’t force them in any way to have unsafe sex acts with you.
All our escort ladies have the right to refuse a costumer if they consider that you are not clean enough, very drunk, high on drugs or they don’t feel confortable with you, even if the booking has already been started and you have paied for it.

Don’t force the escort ladies to use drugs or to drink alcohol

Once you had a tour of our website and you decided with which of our stunning models you want to spend time with, you can call us to make a booking.
Ideally, the earlier you make your appointment the better. But we cater also for the last-minute bookings. Normally it takes 30-40 minutes untill the lady can be at your place, this depending also on your location. We need time to confer with the model and she needs to check her schedule. We then need time to discuss plans with you, your preferences, the preffered time and some of your detailes like: location, room no if you care staying in a hotel, etc.